Making A Meaningful Impact Together

We work with quite a number of volunteers, social workers,  advocates, and other partners to transform the lives of vulnerable youths and marginalized adults in society. Our programs are therefore created to better living standards, as we connect them to opportunities from relevant bodies and institutions.

We believe there is no reason to wait when it comes to doing a good deed.



Street Youths Engaging in empowerment training. For a better, tomorrow youth empowerment is core for it not only improve financial dependency of youths but also help them improve their living standards.

It is our mandate to empower the street youths as we create awareness with guidance towards developing a wholesome outlook of life


Empowering youth to engage and take an active role in advocacy can play a critical role in societal change and improving human rights.

Thus, the organization increasingly seek new ways to engage youth in civil society.

Through Youth using activity platform to advocates to youth rights


Chapati festival is coiled from a wholly sumptuous household delicacy Chapati which is a common yet festive meal here in Kenya.

We intend to use food to promote a culture of organizational partnership,unity and spread the love to the less fortunate in the society as we instill a sense of pride and bring back the lost dignity in them to better persons.


This menstrual hygiene initiative was powered in order to aid in the fight against period poverty and period shame among ladies especially the less privileged ones who cannot afford the necessary essentials during their time of the month, what is commonly known as periods or in better medical terms, menstruation period.


Youth involvement in environmental conservation through participation on various an annual global social action program aimed at combating the global environmental degradation and solid waste management problem

We do this to ensure that our environment remain clean and we all have a role in change of perspective to conservation


Youth involvement in provision of safe for boys and girls in the slums.

This  Safe spaces can provide them with an emotionally and physically safe environment to learn new things such as negotiation skills, literacy, and numeracy; vocational skills and financial literacy.

These allows them to share their ideas with peers and trusted mentors.