Kevin’s successful reintegration from streets to home-based care

Today we tell the story of reintegration of one of our boys who used to live in the streets of Kisumu. A beautiful story of the difference we made by heading out every Saturday 💪 in a bid to offer mentorship, psychosocial support, empowerment and medical care to our kids living in the streets🤗.

Two weeks ago, after a counselling session, Kevin voluntarily decided it was about time to go back home. As the saying goes east and west home is best. With his little saving of 90 shillings, he approached us saying street was not the best place to be and he was determined to leave the streets👏. With the support of one of our volunteers and street educators, Trizah she was able to facilitate for his transportation to reach home🥳.

It was not until Friday last week when Kevin who had been consistently pushing his parents to give us a call and updated us on what was happening back home🤗.

We are proud to announce to you that Kevin is now safely back home and is back to school🥳. He succeeded in humbly the parents to give our volunteers a call😊. We stretch huge gratitude to Tom and Trizah for making this happen❤️. This follows a story of four other boys whom we also reintegrated🥂, Just by showing up consistently, spreading the love and joy as we have very candid conversations on what’s good for the family and a way out of all this.

We take this opportunity to actually share a very big heart of gratitude❤️ to all the volunteers of homeless of Kisumu that have tirelessly ensured that we keep having our meet ups every week🥳.

The impact is felt🥂. The Joy is real❤️. The difference is seen👏. We hope to tell more stories of a Kevin, even as we dedicate our hearts and spirit to bringing back dignity to humanity❤️❤️.

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