Jijenge Youth brings hope to the needy through sharing

Chapati festival 2020

There are hundreds of humanitarian groups around the country currently all to reach out to the needy during this pandemic. One such organization is the Jijenge Youth Organization aimed at accessing young kids who are in one way or another vulnerable in society. They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Mr.Tom Ogalo Jijenge Youth organization founder is driven by this phrase to build these children early enough for a better future no matter the current situation.

The 25th of October 2020 on Sunday Jijenge Youth marked the first edition “Chapati Festival” at the Kisumu Children Remand Home. Chapati festival is coiled from a wholly sumptuous household delicacy Chapati which is a common yet festive meal here in Kenya. The event would not have been a success were it not for the efforts by the various organizations such as the Rotary Club Of Kisumu WinamBetter Me KenyaKenya Lutheran ServiceDala Infinite EmpireDewo Ngima, Jabulani Youths For TransformationPictures Youth groupRoq Jnr Foundation, Destiny Helpers Charity Org, Inua Kisumu and Homeless of Kisumu.

As part of our program, we took the advantage of the event to conduct a session on mentorship and counselling to the Kids with the main focus being Ways to find happiness in Life as per Galatians 5:22-23. Their eager faces to listen to what we had in store for them was a sight for sore eyes. Indeed nothing is better than educating a young person.

Just to dig in a bit on educating young people. The kids in the remand home are victims of circumstance, and we believe that psychological counselling goes a long way to make them understand that there is always a bright future at the end of the tunnel. The government and non-governmental organizations should, therefore, tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that such centres receive financial and psychosocial support.

Being a Chapati festival, food was the climax of everything as we shared chapatis, pilau, beef stew and vegetable soup from our dear chef Wycliffe Baraza. How happy were they you ask? You can only imagine. So what better way to instil pride and share love like coming together and sharing meals with the kids as we show them how we still love and appreciate.

Chef Wycliffe Baraza

How can one end such an event than having music, dance, talents search session? It was an opportunity for the kids to dance to the beats of both our local rhythms and continental hits as they showed off their prowess in choreography and creativity.

Therefore, we are living in a time where big names and companies need to practice corporate social responsibility and stretch a helping hand to organizations such as Jijenge.

Let’s all give back to society in whatever small way we can. It goes a long way in the long run ❤️.


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