The African child

He is a son and she is a daughter of the rich black continent who holds with pleasure and pride for their black skin they are the African children

They tremble at the mention of death, find terror in poverty, amusement in progress and joy in being African

Yes they are African Children


We African children should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered for development and peace. Let us ensure that all the African children have every opportunity to participate fully in the lives of their societies

Their souls mourn at the cry of their mother and stains of tears seize their shoulders when mama land rejoices they are the African Children

They hold her beauty with diligence, bow at the valour she owns and surrenders to be nurtured by her ancient wisdom

They keep the morrows their ancestors gave them conformity to modernity is not their anthem because their Africanism holds true beauty

They build their beauty beyond their skin because her mama and his Tata taught them to carry with them their culture, they honour their God and elders for that is the true definition of an African Child

african drums by Micko-vic on DeviantArt

When the beats of African drums fill the sky their hearts skip and face soak in smiles because the rhythm of Africa has been awakened they strive to be the essence to its sound and those are the African Children

BY Nyoremo

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