Jijenge youth is a community-based organization aimed at bettering the lives of children, girls and youths. The icing to the cake is the latest development that the organization has steered through an activity carried out on 16th June 2020. This menstrual hygiene initiative was powered in order to aid in the fight against period poverty and period shame among ladies especially the less privileged ones who cannot afford the necessary essentials during their time of the month, what is commonly known as periods or in better medical terms, menstruation period.

Period shame is barbaric and is a trend that should be history in our current society. This is best achieved by first creating awareness among people especially the girls going through this from a very early age. Getting the menstrual flow can stir a mixture of emotions from anxiety, fear, embarrassment to excitement and period ignorance has led to many young girls being misled by other malicious members of the society especially from the male gender. This is what solicitors exploitation of these young, clueless and helpless girls in the society because many of them are deceived into exchanging period essentials like sanitary towels for sexual favours: shooting the defilement curve up.

Because of this and due to these saddening circumstances, Jijenge youth organization stepped up because children need at least one person in their life that delights in their existence and who loves them unconditionally. This then prompted the activity that was carried out for a group of 20 lovely girls from Nyalenda slums ages 10-16. This initiative was backed up with provision of some lovely care period packages that was inclusive of (a packet of sanitary towels,new panties, petroleum jelly, toothpaste and toothbrush)

The day was spent by educating the young group on menstrual hygiene(Done by the facilitator Miss Venessa Sifunjo) in collaboration with the coordinator Cecil Boke, the treasurer Phoebe Ogalloh and the Secretary Vincentia Nyasio. The head of the organization Tom Ogalo also ensured there was a menstrual care pack card that is valid for a whole year because the organization plans to work with the same ladies as it expands.

menstrual care pack

This really empowered everybody who was involved and we were all inspired by one thing or another. We were also able to engage with the girls on a very personal level and learn a thing or two from them. It is very satisfying to say the activity was very successful and the organization looks forward to more such activities so as to reach out to a wider target group

>>>Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries and without them, humanity cannot survive.

Find attached below some pictures from the day.

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