Themes on 16 days of activism 2019

Winam Jijenge Youth Organization organized 16 days of gender-based violence activism event for both male and female from 25 November to 10th December to exchange programme activities. This year theme was Orange the world: Generation equality stands against rape.
The 16 days of activism was a call to action for all state and non-state actors to promote the awareness of the impact of gender-based violence, safe spaces. On this 16 days of activism, we gathered to celebrate men and women heroes who have faced gender-based violence and also commemorated the world AIDS day on 1st December 2019 as part of our 16 days of activism.

The Kisumu County released last years gender-based violence statistics which indicate that defilement and rape are rife in the Lakeside County. According to the statistics, 22 girls were defiled and a woman raped in Muhoroni, four girls defiled and three women raped in Maseno, four girls defiled in Ahero and two girls and three women raped in Nyalenda in the course of last year.  It does not end there. 112 children were affected psychologically after seeing their fathers being sodomized, mothers being raped or sisters being defiled. These are the cases reported for counselling. The reported cases of rape and defilement are very few compared to those that go unreported. The major problem hindering the reporting of these cases is stigma and discrimination. If you are a married man or woman and you report that you have been raped, your partner will probably leave you. The report insisted that the only way of dealing with gender-based violence in Kisumu is by survivors coming out strongly to report so that the law can take its course against perpetrators. The report noted that we have a recovery centre for survivors of gender-based violence at the Jaramogi Oginga Teaching and Referral Hospital.

Nature of the of 16 days of activism events

Comprised of 800 people who had been affected by gender-based violence.
Composition of both men and women engagement in 16 days of activism. We incorporated CBOs, NGOs, faith-based organisations, human rights organizations and government agencies.

Subsequent activities after the 16 days of activism event included

1.Creation of safe spaces for gender-based violence survivors to express their opinions and be listened to.
2.Training to enhance capacity building skills
3. Build trust between gender-based violence survivors and County government through partnership activities.
4.Support gender-based violence survivor ambassadors to inspire and transform the perspective of the affected persons in the community.

The chief objective of the 16 days of activism events

  1. Create awareness of the resolution to gender-based violence survivors, safe space and security through new forms of a state actor and none state actors and gender-based violence survivors safe space volunteers across Kisumu County.

The specific objective of the 16 days of activism event

  1. Commemorate the international day of gender-based violence survivors
  2. Raise gender-based violence survivors consciousness in participation on devolved governance and big Four agenda of the Republic of Kenya.
  3. Create County-based platforms to address specific issues eg. Gender-based violence and advocacy, and training to improve the livelihood of gender-based violence survivors and their families.
  4. To address challenges they face in terms of health eg HIV presentations, drug abuse prevention and life skills sessions.

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  1. The statistics are worrying, and worse is,most of the cases go unreported… where did the rain start beating us? The shepherds have turned against the same sheep they’re responsible for protecting!
    Let’s all take a stand against the pervasive rape culture that surrounds us

    1. Phel, thank you so much for taking the time to leave this excellent review. We appreciate your time of going through our article

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