Theme: Transforming Education.

The theme intends to make education more inclusive and accessible for all youths country wide including efforts made by youth themselves.

Education is a development multiplier being that it plays a lot or roles and can enhance youth-led organizations together with various spaces.

On 9th August 2019, will be unforgettable day for youths for youths in Kisumu county being that they were allowed to transform the their education by showing their talents, debating forums for leadership to create space for youth, acquiring information from different organizations which sponsored the activity, free medical services was offered such like free cervical cancer screening, HIV Testing Services and Youth interaction session was offered.

County Government of Kisumu and organizations partnered together to support the activity. Which were; Family Health Options, Plan International, Kisumu Progressive Youth, Red Cross, World Vision and Jijenge youth organization championed for youth by improving their skills on talents, exposing them to Youth-led which transformed education through advocating for them.

International Youth Day examine how government young people and Youth-led organization transforming education for it to become an objective which is to be achieved by youth for sustainable development.

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