If you want God to bless you learn to do what waiters and waitresses do ‘serve’,serve humanity,give back to the society. Be generous. Have a heart of gold. Create an impact in someone’s life. For history will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.Nelson Mandela


On 20th July the Jijenge youth organization members visited Orongo children’s home

The main objective was to create a positive loving environment in which the neglected children feel at home and cared for.

The following activities were carried out to make the young people feel at home.
• Preparation of special meals to the children in the orphanage.
Interacting with little ones to know how they pick up in life as well as the environment.
• Playing games with the little ones to know areas of their interest.
•Donating presents to them.
And finally young people were empowered to make them believe they can make it to achieve their dreams.

Nearly all members made kid friends. God made everything a success


If you have an opportunity to help someone in need either near you or far away don’t wait to be reminded or requested to. You can never know whose “savior” you can be at what given time. Let’s show our children love they never had from their parents. Let’s relate well with them. Let’s make them comfortable and put a smile on their faces

They Are Our Children

They Deserve To Be Cared For

Article by
Juliet Akinyi Otieno
Naomi Ochieng
Tom Ogallo

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