What comes to your mind when you meet a helpless hungry child in the streets, bruised and beaten by life, with literally no one to fall back to?

Those who are in the streets because no one would take them after their mother or father passed away, those who escaped home because it was unbearable over there, those who lacked refuge as wherever they went they would be told to go away brutally with no one being willing to teach them how to be older or how to know better?

Well, I see a lovely blossom just dropped from a tree after a heavy storm. I see children who need to be put together with a needle and threads of security and shelter to live into a beautiful circle of life’s garland. On the street, there is no tomorrow. There is only here and now and nothing else and yesterday is just another day to try as hard as possible to forget because it is just as ugly as the day before.

We want to make these days brighter. We want to make them days to anticipate for. We want to try to make it as kind as possible for them out there. We want to be that helping hand. Charity begins on the street when you are homeless. That is what we are all about and we believe that change starts with that one person.

We can help open up the amazing future that awaits these children who feel despondent because the greatest people came from the most challenging of backgrounds. We are telling them today that it is possible and that living in the streets is not at all the end of the journey for them.

A person is a person no matter how small and children are likely to live up to what you believe of them. Remember;


Written by

Sifunjo Venessa

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